SHIPS FREE Tarot Box w/ two new decks and crystals


Handmade Tarot box, tarot deck and crystal bundle. You will be receiving all pieces shown in the photos. Included in the set is the handmade Stone and Violet three compartment tarot box, 2 brand new sealed tarot decks (Maybe Lenormand and Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling), 3 Art Postcards (Palmistry, The Moon and Black Cat Fortune Teller). Also included are a variety of very high quality crystals. Included is a very deep, dark Brazilian Amethyst, Lilac Spirit Quartz, Clear Candle Quartz standing point, Small Quartz Cluster, Labradorite slice with high flash and a raw Anhydrite (compressed Celesite).

Dimension: Exterior tray dimensions are 11.5" long x 7.5" wide x 1.5" deep. Individual compartments have an interior measurement of approximately 5.5" x 3".