Three Ravens - Raven Postcard Print


Three Ravens
Postcard Print
  • Size: Approximately 5.5" x 4.25"
  • 115lb High Gloss Stock
  • Ships in fitted cello sleeve. Perfect for gift giving!
  • Title/Artist information sticker on reverse side (see last photo for example).
Raven Symbolism: Ravens are magical, intelligent and loving creatures who are friendly and sociable and greatly enjoy being a part of a group. They will band together as a whole to look out for one another as well as warn other animals when danger is near. Ravens are known as the "keeper of secrets" in several native tribes, and are the teachers of mysticism. They are well known for the curiosity and will explore all that catches their attention. They remind us to pay attention, heighten our awareness and to explore fully all things that catch our own attention in our own path. The Universe is sending messages, are you paying attention?

Original art images created by Lauren Gray here in the Stone & Violet studio. 

© Stone & Violet 2013. Images and content are not to be used, reproduced or duplicated without the written consent of Stone & Violet.