Moonstone Pendulum


Clearance due to being low stock. Most of the stock is white moonstone with black tourmaline inclusion. There may be the occasional "flash" of rainbow but this stock is predominately white moonstone and black tourmaline.

The mysterious Moonstone, the stone of Divine Feminine Lunar Energy! Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of intuition and insight, vitality and life force, and a powerful emotional healer. Rainbow Moonstone has a pearly opalescence with sparks of blue flash that emanate from the heart of it. Rainbow Moonstone is known to sway between dull and flat to bright and vibrant, depending on the carriers mood. 

Pendulums can be used to connect and gain information from your Higher Self (your intuitive spirit), your Physical Being (the cells of your body) or your spirit guide. With practice, you can also use them to test objects by placing the object in one palm (or in the center of a pendulum board) and then asking pertinent questions regarding the object at hand.