Large Pyrite Cluster


The lovely and sparkly Pyrite! The name Pyrite is derived from the word Pyr, which is the Greek word for Fire. When Pyrite was struck against another hard mineral, sparks ('fire') would occur, and thus the mineral we know as Pyrite was named.

The Shamans often used Pyrite in healing rituals. Pyrite is a great stone for the mind and memory, and is also considered a stone of Protection. Pyrite is associated with the Astrological sign Leo and is an Earth and Fire elemental stone.

Pyrite is made up of a high percentage of Iron and is found in abundance in the Earths crust. It grows in cubic and dodecahedral formations, in flattened formations and in large masses.

You will be receiving one large Pyrite cluster similar to those shown in the photos. It will measure approximately 2.3" - 3" in length.