Malachite Rhinoceros - 4.9"


This special piece has been carved from a mass of high quality Malachite. One-of-a-kind and hand carved with beautiful Malachite patterning. 

Size: Measures 4.9" in length and weighs 298gms.

About the Rhinoceros: Rhinos are large and very strong animals, however they are not aggressive. As one of the largest land mammals on Earth, the rhinoceros definitely makes a very strong physical presence, however they are very peaceful in nature. They are survivors of the age of giant mammals and are solitary creatures. The rhinoceros prefers his own company and knows how to create and enjoy his personal space. The rhino teaches us how to quiet a busy mind and relax within ourselves.

About Malachite: Malachite is a copper-bearing mineral that is well known for its beautiful fibrous and botryoidal growth. It is a stone of vibrancy, and with its bright earth green energy, it is useful in clearing and rebalancing the chakras, particularly the heart chakra. Malachite is a powerful stone of creation, development and spiritual growth.

Throughout history Malachite was often carved into amulets. It is believed to have the ability to foretell impending disaster by breaking into pieces when trouble is near. Malachite is also considered a guardian stone for travelers, a piece of malachite bearing an eye pattern were often worn or carried to protect against the evil eye.