Solid Copper Sphere - Choice of Size


Solid metal Native Copper spheres from Michigan! Copper is an amazing conductor and stimulator of energy. In the metaphysical realm, Copper is regarded to move spiritual energy around and between individuals (mind and body), crystals and minerals, and throughout the Spirit world. Copper is often a companion mineral used as a means to sharpen the energies of the crystals placed within its company.  Ancient cultures recognized Copper as a healing mineral for improving circulation, detoxifying the body, increasing energy and opening the flow of blocked energy.

Please make your selection from the drop menu.

  • Small - Approximately 30mm
  • Medium - Approximately 40mm
  • Large - Approximately 50mm

Please allow for minor, small openings within the copper. 

Please Note: If you purchase multiple Copper spheres, due to the heavy weight of Copper, your shipping charge may come in higher than the lesser rate that I am able to ship your order for.  If this is the case, you will receive a shipping refund for any overage paid at the time your package is shipped.