Clear Quartz Pendulum

$4.50 $13.00

Clearance due to all remaining pendulums are small crystals measuring approximately 1" in size or are larger crystal pendulums with natural quartz inclusions.

Clear quartz is known as the "Master Crystal". Quartz crystal carries with it an energy that aids in balancing, reenergizing and harmonizing both the physical and spiritual planes. It is considered the most versatile multipurpose healing stone of all and its use as such has been recorded in many ancient manuscripts. Quartz has been attributed with the ability to channel energy and light. It focuses the mind, is an aid in meditation and absorbs, cleanses and releases negativity.

You will receive ONE faceted natural clear quartz pendulum point that is suspended from an 8.5" chain.

    Pendulums can be used to connect and gain information from your Higher Self (your intuitive spirit), your Physical Being (the cells of your body) or your spirit guide. With practice, you can also use them to test objects by placing the object in one palm (or in the center of a pendulum board) and then asking pertinent questions regarding the object at hand.