Large Bundle of Crystals


Each bundle of crystals includes approximately 15-20 pieces and weighs a a half pound! A lovely variety of crystals and minerals. These bundles are perfect to grow a crystal collection at a bargain price. Included are all natural/polished stones, with absolutely no dyed/artificial crystals which are commonly found in bulk crystal sets. I also did my best to assure that there were no duplicate pieces amongst the bundles.

There are many high quality stones such as Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet, Aquamarine, Opal, Amphibole Quartz and Hypersthene scattered throughout the bundles.


  • Pieces may have very minor natural inclusions, openings or other tiny flaws. You will receive ONE randomly selected bundle from the group shown! 
  • Due to the variety of crystals mixed in this grouping, your bundle will not come with labels identifying the crystals.