The Who & Upcoming Whats of Stone & Violet

✨ 🔮 Tarot Lovers 🔮
I have a new design that I am SO excited about that should be hitting the shop sometime soon. They will also be limited in quantity to start... because of the reasons below. 😊

🌙 Crescent Moon Shelf 🌙
Just a quick update for those asking about the Crescent Moon Shelf... there will be more Crescent Moon shelves on their way! I just got through creating and shipping a pretty large batch for my last pre-order and am taking a short break from those to work on other designs (one in particular). I expect to either offer the Crescent Moons again on pre-order within the next 2 weeks or I will craft smaller batches at a time and make those available as ready-to-go pieces. Yet to be determined. 😊

💓 🔨 And now an important bit on who we are and how we do it.... 💓 🔨
I have had a lot of folks ask about designs coming and going and questioning restocks on sold out items so I want to take a moment to explain a little about my process for those who might not be sure who/what Stone & Violet is.

First, We are smallI started online selling my art back in 2002. In 2010 ( which seems so long ago, but time went SO fast!) I began selling small handmade shelves after inspiration struck me while I was playing on the floor with wood slats that came in my little boys (...little at the time, but he is almost 12!) building set. They took off from there and Stone & Violet began to grow. It all happened in a very natural and organic way, something I am very proud of! It is still just myself, along with the occasional helping hands of my son 11 and my daughter 9. My son helps with shipping and is "head of the shipping stock department" 😉 and my daughter is such a little crystal lover and she is "head of the crystal department" which is a job she takes very seriously 💕 and she helps with shipping as well. So if you receive a package with a crooked label, you can bet that she has probably applied it! My son has endless ideas, and he has shown interest in creating tool-paths for engraving! I won't let him run the engraver just yet, but he is a busy guy, working on many ideas of his own.

I work on lots of different designs at a time (my brain never stops!) but when I find one that I myself personally love to use, those are the ideas I push through and that is usually when I drop everything else. Shipping is always my priority. So when I go through quiet cycles (I know, I am terrible with posting on social media) its usually because I am focusing on shipping and completing handmade items. For Crystals, many of you have probably noticed that I go through waves. I will do a photo shoot and stock a lot at once, and then will not update any new pieces for a long while. I have SO many beautiful pieces just waiting in the wings, that I so hope to eventually get around to placing into the shop! 

Hoping to see a specific design restocked? 
If there is a handmade piece you love in the shop that has been showing as sold out for awhile (cough, cough...Handmade Runes) they may or may not come back. In general, if a design is sitting in the shop as Sold Out, that usually means that I intend to get back around to that design. If it is gone from the shop entirely, it might not be coming back, only because I can only make so many things and am probably going to be whittling down older designs as I come up with new, fresh ideas that I love and want to pursue.

Since I mentioned the Runes, and I get so, so, soooo many emails about them, I will tell you that I too adore them. I use my own set all the time, and if I use it all the time myself, then it is usually a design I want to continue to offer. However, they are a serious labor of love. Cutting, sanding (and more sanding) and staining and drying and oiling and drying again all of those pieces, per set, takes so very long. I currently have about seven sets mid process, but I always find myself having to choose between projects and because of the time commitment to the Runes, they get bumped back. I will eventually finish those sets that I have started. It's a promise!

So that is just a brief little explanation of what Stone & Violet is all about. I will continue to rotate through designs, always adding in new ones, and popping into the shop energetically beautiful crystals here and there. Just know, that it is all a labor of love (albeit, a uniquely paced labor of love). Every piece I make and every piece I ship. 💜💜💜


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