After 8 years.. 🖤

The Stone & Violet Moon Phase shelf is retiring. This shelf has been in production for 8 years now in my home studio in Pennsylvania. This design is near and dear to my heart and I have immensely enjoyed crafting the thousands that have sold throughout that time. However, as an artist and creator, it is time for me to move on to my next journey. For my last batch of shelves, I have gone back to my very first branding iron that I made for this design. Please know, I have very limited stock available in both the "Original Moon Phase" size and the "Mama Moon Phase" size.

THANK YOU for all of the love and appreciation this little shelf has received throughout the years. I started crafting and offering this design as a young mother and via the popularity of this shelf (and some of my other designs through the passing years) it has allowed me to work from home and stay at home to raise my little ones (who aren't so little anymore!).

I am beyond grateful.